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“Rawwwwwk!” Our #1 Best Customer, Flint the Caveman, Castle Rock, CO

Hugh Tighe
Hugh Tighe 5.0

Great service friendly and fast we'll be using them again for future plumbing and heating needs

Brian Norman
Brian Norman 1.0

I called Rock Plumbing and HVAC to come replace the vacuum breaker on my sprinkler system. I knew exactly what the issue was when I scheduled the appointment but they were "unable" to give me pricing until they came out and had someone inspect it which ...is a $99 service fee to get someone to show up. The gal that I talked to said that the service tech would come in a fully stocked truck and would fix the issue on the spot. After the tech agreed with me that the vacuum breaker needed to be replaced, he informed me that he didn't have the part and would need to go get it. Before getting the part, he quoted me $774. Surprised, I asked to see the itemized estimate as that quoted price was double the amount I was anticipating. I called my brother who is a plumber and he agreed that the price was outrageous given that the part is $89 at Home Depot and it should only take 30 minutes for a competent plumber to replace. Again, I asked why the price was so high and I was simply told, "well, the price is pretty average for this area" and I was still refused an itemized estimate. I now understand why they wouldn't give me a ballpark figure when I called to schedule the appointment. All said and done, I wrote a $99 check to have the tech confirm what I already knew and sent him on his way. I'll definitely be avoiding Rock Plumbing and HVAC next time I'm looking for a plumber.Read More...

Adam F
Adam F 5.0

Michael Stahl is fantastic! He was very professional and did a great job talking through recommendations and the state of my AC units.

Dwight Miller
Dwight Miller 5.0

Lars is helpful, polite, and takes the time to explain what he’s doing. Such a wonderful experience.

cody killion
cody killion 1.0

The technician arrived and I told him exactly what needed to be done, no diagnosis required. Quoted me over $400 to do a simple pressure relief valve. The $100 dollar diagnosis fee wasn't in the price. Way too expensive for a very cheap part that takes ...about 30 minutes to replace, if you had the parts on the truck...Read More...

Hef Sterling
Hef Sterling 5.0

Mike did a fantastic job on a faucet install., Highly recommend this company.

Terry Trunck
Terry Trunck 4.0
Diane Burroughs
Diane Burroughs 3.0

I've used Rock twice Their work is good and they digitally document their work and send reports. Their technicians are respectful and helpful to educate on maintenance issues. My concern is the hard sale to join their annual maintenance programs. I ...joined the plumbing program due to promised water heater drain and inspection. When I attempted to schedule the service, I was told that I'd been misinformed about water heater maintenance and that that technician had quit. The manager wouldn't budge, but told me that they'd happily schedule the service for $90. I complained here on GR and the promised maintenance was completed as originally promised. This issue shouldn't have happened. Technicians should be trained regarding the annual programs. They should take "no" for an answer rather than pressure customers to purchase the program. The manager should have taken care of the issue rather than allowing it to escalate.Read More...

Steve Hancock
Steve Hancock 5.0

Rock Heating / Plumbing is by far the people in the Denver area to trust all your needs.

Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones 5.0

Have had them out two times in the last few days for a water heater. Zach was the last technician to come out and was very helpful and walked me through the process and showed me what was wrong and how to work with it until we can get an appointment for ...replacement. I appreciate his help, I just wish the issues would have been fixed the first time they came out - but since it was an emergency visit they did fix it for a couple of days. Hopefully this review will stick once the job is finally complete!Read More...

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