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“Rawwwwwk!” Our #1 Best Customer, Flint the Caveman, Castle Rock, CO

cody killion
cody killion 1.0

The technician arrived and I told him exactly what needed to be done, no diagnosis required. Quoted me over $400 to do a simple pressure relief valve. The $100 dollar diagnosis fee wasn't in the price. Way too expensive for a very cheap part that takes ...about 30 minutes to replace, if you had the parts on the truck...Read More...

Hef Sterling
Hef Sterling 5.0

Mike did a fantastic job on a faucet install., Highly recommend this company.

Terry Trunck
Terry Trunck 4.0
Diane Burroughs
Diane Burroughs 3.0

I've used Rock twice Their work is good and they digitally document their work and send reports. Their technicians are respectful and helpful to educate on maintenance issues. My concern is the hard sale to join their annual maintenance programs. I ...joined the plumbing program due to promised water heater drain and inspection. When I attempted to schedule the service, I was told that I'd been misinformed about water heater maintenance and that that technician had quit. The manager wouldn't budge, but told me that they'd happily schedule the service for $90. I complained here on GR and the promised maintenance was completed as originally promised. This issue shouldn't have happened. Technicians should be trained regarding the annual programs. They should take "no" for an answer rather than pressure customers to purchase the program. The manager should have taken care of the issue rather than allowing it to escalate.Read More...

Steve Hancock
Steve Hancock 5.0

Rock Heating / Plumbing is by far the people in the Denver area to trust all your needs.

Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones 5.0

Have had them out two times in the last few days for a water heater. Zach was the last technician to come out and was very helpful and walked me through the process and showed me what was wrong and how to work with it until we can get an appointment for ...replacement. I appreciate his help, I just wish the issues would have been fixed the first time they came out - but since it was an emergency visit they did fix it for a couple of days. Hopefully this review will stick once the job is finally complete!Read More...

Paul Castle Rock
Paul Castle Rock 5.0

Tom Wood did an incredible job. Explained everything in detail did a wonderful professional job and explained everything to me afterwards. I will absolutely use Rock plumbing and heating again. Actually signed up for their service maintenance program.

Joel Wagner
Joel Wagner 5.0

Every technician I’ve worked with has been absolutely incredible. Honest, upfront, and professional. Zach Lujan knocked it out of the park this morning. Zach was able to diagnose and present a far solution to our humidity problem, or lack there of. ...This is the only heating and air service company I will recommend.Read More...

Emmy Luckose
Emmy Luckose 1.0

I am reporting a horrible experience with this company. Our furnace broke on a cold winter day, and we scheduled a repair. The technician, Paul, arrived and “repaired” our furnace. It worked for the afternoon, but within five hours it broke again. ... Since we were dissatisfied with their services, we opted to have a different company repair the furnace the second time around. The technician from the new company who came the following day immediately noticed that the door to our furnace was not closed properly. He discovered that the safety switch had been taped in place. This is an egregious safety hazard and liability, as operating a gas furnace with the door open or improperly closed can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. That is the whole reason why they have safety switches, so the furnace won’t come on when the door is open, safety switches shouldn’t be taped. Not only did this company fail to take a reasonable standard of care, but they jeopardized our safety. My husband posted a review and they had the audacity to reply that we should be more patient with them? Wow.Read More...

Justin 5.0

It took a couple visits to fix our heater, but when Josh and Brad took over, they didn't just clear the symptoms, but disassembled the entire exhaust assembly to clear mud and debris that no one would have guessed had gotten that far into the pipe. They ...reassembled it, adding improvements to ensure proper drainage in the future. Thanks for taking care of us Rock!Read More...

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