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Become a member of the Rock Family and you will not only have access to amazing discounts, but you will receive one rejuvenating, full-system maintenance per year that will keep your home system operating at peak level! This saves you time, money, and keeps your family safe and comfortable. You can expect our highly trained and skilled technicians to become completely familiar with you and your home system, and we’ll even remind you when you’re due for these services. We take care of each other at Rock. Welcome to the family!

Rock has a money-saving maintenance club for both your Plumbing and HVAC needs.

Whole-Home Maintenance Club

Whole Home Maintenance Club Starting at $20/month

Scheduling reminders for your inspections

Up to 15% discount on all Plumbing and HVAC repairs

2 Annual Inspections on your HVAC system

5% off replacement under our Club Membership

48-Hour Service Guarantee

Plumbing: Whole Home

A Plumbing Whole-Home Inspection

No one really thinks about plumbing, until a problem happens. And those plumbing problems can turn disastrous quick, affecting everyone and everything in your home. Don’t let this happen to you and your family and take advantage of our affordable Plumbing Club Membership. This will help keep your home system operating at it’s best, and prevent any problems, before they turn into disasters.

Whole Home Inspection

Includes: Inspection of all plumbing fixtures & Equipment
(Normally $250.00 interior & exterior)

Tiered Service Fee

Tier 1: $99 Tier 2: $79 Tier 3: $59 (Normally $99.00)

48-Hour Service Guarantee

For emergency services only $99 for after hours club members $150 after hours for non-club members

HVAC: Whole Home

The proper functioning of your heating and cooling system in your home is a necessity, especially in Colorado where our weather tends be one extreme or the other. Don’t wait for an emergency to get a technician to your home which can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Our Club Membership keeps your home system functioning at its best so we can help prevent those emergency’s and help keep your family safe.

Maintenance Plan From Rock Plumbing, Heating, &Amp; Air Conditioning
Maintenance Plan From Rock Plumbing, Heating, &Amp; Air Conditioning

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