You spend hours cleaning and scrubbing your home, yet it’s not enough to ensure the integrity of indoor air quality. Call on Rock Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to optimize the health of your indoor environment. We install germicidal UV lights into the central HVAC system, putting ultraviolet light to work for you. Along with killing germs and disinfecting the air you breathe, this innovative technology saves you money.

Rock Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning works with only the highest quality UV light brands for your HVAC system

Rock Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning recommends Honeywell 24 volt UV Lights and provides prompt, expert installation throughout Castle Rock, CO and surrounding areas. We’ve chosen to partner with Honeywell because of quality and value. Exceptional odor absorption, automatic operation, superior cleaning capability and great warranties are all benefits of this affordable, whole-home accessory.

Providing homes across Castle Rock, CO and surrounding areas with effective UV light HVAC installations

Get in touch with Rock Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning at (720) 683-6885 for further information, accurate estimates and unmatched workmanship throughout Castle Rock, Englewood, Centennial, Parker, Lone Tree, Greenwood Village, and Littleton, CO. Whether you prefer to target the coil and drain pan of the HVAC system, treat the air that passes through, or both, we design a solution to meet your specific goals.

Some of the many benefits of UV light installation include:

  • Reduces germs, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses found in the air
  • Ultraviolet light disinfects the air and sanitizes surfaces
  • Lessens workload of HVAC system, resulting in lower utility bills
  • Keeps HVAC equipment clean, maximizing efficiency
  • Operates automatically without manual startup
  • Minimizes dust and contaminants within the duct system
  • Removes and prevents odors from pets, smoking, cooking and more, from circulating through the HVAC system
  • Lessens issues with allergies, asthma and respiratory sensitivities
  • Produces no harmful byproducts, chemicals or ozone
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